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    Angels three five is military jargon for thirty five thousand feet. A military pilot might include his altitude in a position report as: "twenty miles northwest at angels two three" (twenty three thousand feet). In the book a  High Altitude - High Opening (HAHO) parachute system with a GPS guided automatic landing system is developed, tested and then taken into combat by the Navy SEALS and the Army's Delta Force. Sam McKensie and other Special Forces Operators face the brutal drug cartels of Central and South America.

    As a young aviator, Sam joins the Navy as a test pilot / engineer. His uncle, a Special Forces Operator in the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, known as DEVGRU, lures him into the group to asist in developing and testing a top secret precision parachute system. As the system nears completion the group is tasked with a daunting mission. . . 
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        The book  follows Sam's personal life; his family, friends, love life, career, hopes, fears and other factors in his character, as well as his transition from a high school student through college, into the Navy and finally part way into his career as a Navy SEAL.

     Characters in the book come from numerous organizations including: the Federal Aviation Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Texas Instruments, Inc., National Ssecurity Agency, Army Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Top Gun,  and others.

     The story deals with the growing social threat of illicit drugs in the U.S. and the government's struggle to stem that rapidly advancing threat using Special Forces and some of their new hi-tech capabilities.

       In the author's notes I give credit to Admiral William H. McRaven and his book, SPEC OPS, Case syudies in Special Operations Warefare: Theory and Practice, 1995, Ballantine Books, as an inspiration to me in my quest to make this book of fiction as real as possible. Admiral McRaven is the former commander of JSOC and retired commander of USSOCOM.
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Don Candy is a retired CEO, electrical engineer, commercial pilot/instructor and  a sailing instructor. He was a technical manager with the Defense Systems organization at Texas Instruments, Inc. where he managed programs developing products and components for the HARM AGM-88 missile program, several early GPS programs, various Infra Red programs  and early DLP (Digital Light Processing) programs as well as other edge-of-the-art systems and products.  In his college days he taught ROTC candidates to fly while attending the University of Missouri. He and his wife Karan, his four grand children and their parents enjoy traveling, sailing, skiing and water sports.

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